Evaluating Sources

The CRAAP Test is a way to evaluate the credibility of a source.

What are the concepts that make up the CRAAP test?

Finding Sources

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Using the Catalog

Navigate to the library’s catalog from the main page. Find the book Coffee Consumption and Health. Look at the subject headings by clicking on the item’s title and viewing the detailed record. 

Which of the subjects in the list below are listed in the item’s record?

Finding Sources

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Databases Part 1

Proquest: Navigate to the library’s database page, choosing the appropriate campus location. Search the ProQuest Central database for articles on Information Literacy. 

How can you narrow your search?

Finding Sources

3 of 3Databases Part 2
EBSCO: Return to the library’s database page. Locate the link for EBSCOhost Web and click on it. 

Which of the databases below are listed on the Choose Databases page?


Plagiarism is presenting the intellectual or creative work of someone else as your own. 

What can you do to avoid plagiarism?


This concludes the Information Literacy Assessment.

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